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Especially for all our foreign guests, this part of the website contains some essential information about the club in english. To make optimal use of the rest of the site, however, there's only one solution at this moment: learn dutch!

Chip & Charge

Being thé Amsterdam Student Tennis Club, Chip & Charge offers you the perfect opportunity to play tennis during your study, PhD/Postdoc period, or whatever reason you're around.

Chip & Charge is a relatively young club, being founded in 1998, and has been growing ever since its birth to well over 350 members this year. The goal of the club is to combine tennis and fun in as many ways as possible.

To achieve this goal, lots of activities are being organised, both on and off the tenniscourts. A small selection follows:

Every monday: toss and play at the park
Every wednesday: socialising in the pub
Visiting davis-cup matches and other (student)-tennisclubs
Competition, both in- and external
Hitchhike-match and wintersport

The club is situated at the USC-tennispark, the tennis-department of the University Sports Center. The park contains 8 plexi-pave (hardcourt) courts, four of which are made indoors by means of an inflatable hall during fall and winter. The clubhouse and bar at the park are ours during activities.


Our membership gives you the following benefits:

- A free play card of the USC, which allows you to play tennis anytime you wish, both indoors and outdoors, as long as the courts are available.
- Membership to the KNLTB (dutch tennis association), which gives you the right to participate in national and district competitions (Chip & Charge has got 40 teams playing in various competitions at all levels!) and to play at open tournaments of other clubs.
- Membership of thé Amsterdam Student Tennis Club, so that you can join all our activities.

Fees for 2012/2013 are listed in the following table.

Period Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3
sept t/m aug €181,00 €260,00 €338,00
jan t/m aug €159,50 €205,00 €264,50
apr t/m aug €106,00 €144,50 €184,50

You can buy your membership at the tennispark only.
Category I = students of all dutch MA universities and the HvA.
Category II = students of all other BA universities, graduates UvA and HvA, staff UvA and HvA.
Category III = other persons.


Our address is:
A.S.T.V. Chip & Charge
p/a USC Tennis
Radioweg 80
tel. 020-5258932
fax. 020 - 362 33 12

The tennispark is situated directly behind the 'Jaap Eden Ice Rink' in the Watergraafsmeer (Amsterdam-East). For public transport, take tram 9 from Central Station and get out at the crossing Kruislaan/Middenweg, or take bus 40 from Amstel Station and get out at the Linnaeusparkweg.

The park is manned Monday through Thursday from 5 till 9 p.m. 


There are a few ways to get more information:

- Send an email to bestuur@chipencharge.nl

- Call one of the next persons:
Sophie van der Horst (presidente): 06-51229342
Jim van Nieuwkerk (secretary): 06-50207709

- Drop by at the tennispark; on Monday evenings there's always someone of the club present and if you bring along your tennis stuff, you can join immediately to find out what Chip & Charge's all about.